Lipstick with a creme or satin finish can be a nuisance sometimes. It transfers to cups, it tends to feel heavy and all that shine just makes you want to quit wearing it altogether. You may want to use a matte lipstick on such occasions. But wait. You don’t have a matte lipstick. Or you have a matte lipstick…Just not in the shade you want. Don’t worry. I got you.

Here’s how to make any lipstick matte:


Take a lip liner that’s the colour of the lipstick and apply it on top of the lipstick. And voila! You’ll eliminate the overly-shininess. But this method will make the lipstick semi-matte. Not completely matte. Do this when you want to bring down the shine a notch.


So you have the lipstick on. Take a piece of tissue, place it on your lips. Take a powder brush or powder puff and dip it into powder. Dab the powder on your lips. Do this again and you will have some great matte lips. Try it today!

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Winnie is a lawyer by training and a makeup artist based in Nairobi Kenya. She is the brains behind some of the most elegant, stunning and creative make-up looks.Read her blogs here

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