Feminine Hygiene Tips

Maintaining good feminine hygiene should be a priority in every woman’s regimen. Fungal infections, Vaginal odors and inflammation are things that we hardly talk about. If you ask me, I’d say, the same way we care for our hair and skin with zillion routines, it is the same way we should care and loudly speak about our hygiene routines.

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Before we even begin, it should go without saying that;
  • You should shower daily,
  • You should wear cotton underwear,
  • It’s important to change your underwear every day,
  • Wearing tight clothes can irritate your lady parts,
  • You should wipe yourself clean after visiting the toilet using front to back motion and ,
  • You should change your pads frequently during your menses.

On the other hand, it is unfair to go hard on ourselves given the many roles the society has laid on our shoulders. We are needed and expected to take care of our career, our household, our husbands, our parents, and children.  With all these duties to fulfill, feminine hygiene is certainly one area that women can easily overlook.

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Here are some feminine hygiene habits that you should commit to whether you’re in your teens, thirties or in your sixties;

Wash your lady part with plain water only. These days, there are way too many feminine hygiene products in the market. From body washes, deodorants, sprays to creams. As much as you may feel the need to smell like flowers, strawberries and vanilla, buying these products to use on your lady parts is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Using chemical-filled products can throw off your lady part pH balance and cause odor and other irritations. The vagina is self-cleaning but If you insist,  go for non-scented products and those that contain natural ingredients.

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Use your hands to wash your lady parts. Wash the outer  parts of your vagina using your hands because using face flannel can weaken the good bacteria exposing your lady parts to vaginal dryness. Make sure your hands are clean when you do so.

Dipping your fingers in the honey pot with the aim of cleaning the interior is not recommended as it can and does disturb your natural pH balance and washes away the good bacteria.Like I mentioned above, the vagina is self cleaning and gets rid of unwanted bacteria and germs just fine by itself.

Drink enough water

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There is a whole debate on how many glasses of water you should take in a day and we don’t want to get tied up in that. To help your body maintain a good balance of body fluids and help it to easily flush out unwanted guests out of your systems just make sure that you are taking enough water.

Shave regularly. There are many shaving creams in the market but what I recommend is the good old fashioned  razor blade… Yes it is one of the most  effective mode of clearing your lady bushes when used carefully.

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To avoid bumps/rash, wet the pub area first before shaving to soften the pubs’, use downward motion when shaving and change your shaving razor after 3-4 use.

Visit your doctor regularly. I know it visiting the doctor can be daunting but It is recommended that you do so at least once a year for a routine pap smear test.

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If you suffer from recurring fungal infection, vaginal yeast infections or bacterial infections, you should always consult your gynecologist as these problems could be caused by other underlying problems not discussed here. Avoid using over the counter medication as much as you may feel you know what the problem is. Only a doctor can diagnose what you’re suffering from and give prescription accordingly.

Share your hygiene routines in the comment section below and Click here to watch a our feminine hygiene video by Joan Miano of Just Nimu YouTube channel

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